Senior Staff

Mr. Alberto M. Carvalho,
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Magaly C. Abrahante,
Assistant Superintendent, Title I Administration, Early Childhood Programs, Summer Services

Mr. Victor Alonso,
Administrative Director, Design and Sustainability

Mr. Scott B. Clark,
Risk and Benefits Officer, Office of Risk and Benefits Management

Dr. Maria de Armas,
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction, K-12 Core Curriculum

Dr. Sylvia J. Diaz,
Assistant Superintendent, Innovation and School Choice, Office of Academics and Transformation

Mr. James L. Dillard,
Inspections Officer, District Inspections, Operations and Emergency Management

Mr. Leo Fernandez,
Treasurer, Office of Treasury Management

Ms. Tabitha G.  Fazzino,
Administrative Director, Business Services, Accountability & Performance, Office of the Superintendent 

Mr. Luis M. Garcia,
Chief of Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Ms. Deborah Karcher,
Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

Mr. Gerald D. Kitchell
Deputy Chief, Miami-Dade Schools Police Department

Mr. Barry S. Meltz,
District Director, Procurement Management

Dr. David K. Moore,
Assistant Superintendent, Academic Support, Office of Academics and Transformation

Dr. Marcos M. Moran
Assistant Superintendent, School Operations

Ms. Tiffanie A. Pauline
Assistant Superintendent, Charter School Support, School Operations

Dr. Albert Payne, Jr.,
Region Superintendent,  Central Region Office

Mr. Raul Perez
Administrative Director, Construction Management

Ms. Connie Pou,
Controller, Office of the Controller

Dr. Ana Rasco,
Administrative Director, Office of Professional Standards

Ms. Ana Rijo-Conde,
Deputy Chief Facilities and Eco-Sustainability Officer, Planning, Design and Sustainability

Ms. Vivian Santiestebanpardo,
Region Superintendent, North Region Office

Mr. John Schuster
Administrative Director, Office of Public Relations

Mr. Ron Y. Steiger,
Chief Budget Officer, Office of Budget Management

Mr. Brian Williams
Economic Development Officer, Office of Economic Development

Revised 03/06/14

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